WEBSITE: foobaskill.com
COMPANY LEGAL STATUS: Private limited company with a starting capital of 21’000 CHF
LOCATION OF COMPANY: Ch. Isabelle-de-Montolieu 161, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland
EMAIL: [email protected]

The SKILL Sports Sàrl, 1010 Lausanne (Switzerland), is the owner of the website https://www.foobaskill.com and of its products. The following sales conditions apply to the sales website https://www.foobaskill.com. The buyer accepts the following conditions by ticking a box, asserting that the terms and conditions have been read and understood during the ordering procedure. Please note that the French version of the terms and conditions of sales is legally binding should there be any doubts concerning any of the translated versions on our website.


The terms and conditions of sales may be modified at any time without advanced warning. Should this be the case, any changes will be clearly displayed on our website. The SKILL Sports Sàrl takes it upon itself to provide clear and updated information on its website. However, mistakes, printing errors, inaccuracies or other problems may arise. The SKILL Sports Sàrl may also modify descriptions, products, prices and other provided services, at any time and without advanced warning.


Prices indicated at the time of purchase apply. For all products sent to Switzerland or Liechtenstein, the total price of the product with tax is calculated and displayed on the bill. The price is given in Swiss Francs (CHF) for both countries. For all other countries (EU and rest of the world) the price on the bill will be calculated without taxes included. Border or other import taxes may apply to your shipment. All customs rights and border taxes are the responsibility of the buyer, SKILL Sports Sàrl denies all responsibility regarding border taxes and laws. It is therefore crucial for the buyer to be aware of local law prior to purchasing any products on our website. In the case of your product being denied passage through customs, border fees are entirely the responsibility of the buyer, for any reason, the only exception being a mistake made by SKILL Sports Sàrl in the preparation of your order. In that case, SKILL Sports Sàrl will cover the customs fees and send the product a second time. The price of the products for the EU and the rest of the world (besides Switzerland and Lichtenstein) is given in Euros or US Dollars. Credit card payments will be withdrawn in Swiss Francs (CHF) from your bank account. The bank used to make the payment can provide an exact exchange rate to the customer at the time of purchase.


The buyer unreservedly accepts the terms and conditions of sales when placing an order on foobaskill.com. The orders are done over the internet, the buyer chooses the product, validates and accepts the terms and conditions for the order and sale. The buyer then receives a confirmation e-mail. SKILL Sports Sàrl maintains the right to limit available product quantities and change discounts as well as, correct, reject, cancel or withdraw from any order placed, for any reason at their discretion.


The deadline for returns is 14 days after the package’s arrival. The buyer returns (at their expense) the product(s) along with the receipt, with the original package and in mint condition (not damaged or soiled in any way). SKILL Sports Sàrl will then refund the total amount paid for the product(s) (including shipping fees). All refunds will be done via electronic banking (or via PostFinance) i.e. no cash refunds. Certain products that are on sale cannot be exchanged or refunded, this will be clearly mentioned when validating an order for said products on our website. The shipping expenses for returns are at your expense. Please keep a receipt as proof of your return (obtained from postal or transport services), which includes the details of the sender, the recipient, thus bearing witness to the sent parcel. We may request this document if we do not receive the parcel back to one of our depots, for instance.


In the case of shipping to Switzerland or Lichtenstein, the price of shipping is calculated automatically with all taxes included on the bill, in Swiss Francs (CHF). This price is added to the total price of the product(s). Products being shipped to Switzerland or Lichtenstein will be delivered in 2 to 6 working days. As for all other countries (EU or the rest of the world), the price of shipping will be calculated automatically without customs taxes in Euros or in US Dollars. This price is added to the total price of the product(s). Products being shipped worldwide will arrive in 6 to 14 working days. Packages are delivered by express transport or by post. In case of late delivery, the buyer is not entitled to any compensation. The buyer must verify the contents of the package, i.e. verify the arrival of all the products and their integrity and quality. After a delay of 10 days following the package arrival, no further requests regarding the products will be considered. With regards to lost packages during shipment, SKILL Sports Sàrl can guarantee package tracking for Switzerland and Lichtenstein, but in the case of worldwide deliveries outside these two countries SKILL Sports Sàrl denies all responsibility and cannot guarantee package tracking.


Your bills can be payed after the validation of the order and the acceptance of the terms and conditions of sales on our website using one of the methods indicated.


Warranty for faulty products applies but does not include normal or inappropriate usage, improper handling of the product or accidental damaging. SKILL Sports Sàrl maintains the right to send the buyer an equivalent replacement product should the delivered product be faulty and the client mentions this fault. All products for which the warranty applies must be accompanied by the receipt.


One may visit foobaskill.com anonymously, however, during the purchasing procedure the buyer will be invited to enter their personal details (First name, Last name, e-mail, home address, telephone number). This information will then be used to create a FooBaSKILLaccount which will facilitate the purchasing process. SKILL Sports Sàrl may also send information on discounts and purchasing information via the contact information provided. All client information received on our website is strictly confidential. With regards to the credit card information of the buyer, SKILL Sports Sàrl vows not to record any banking information, and that its members are never made aware of credit card information. All banking details are handled though a secure channel between our banking service providers (Concardis Suisse SA or PostFinance) and the buyer’s bank.


The SKILL Sports Sàrl declines all liability in the event of accidents and/or injuries caused by the equipment(s) purchased on www.foobaskill.com. Place of jurisdiction. Applicable laws. The place of jurisdiction is Lausanne. Only Swiss law applies. Version written on 01.01.2020, SKILL Sports Sàrl, all rights reserved.