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Teachers and Coaches

The FooBaSKILL Team conducts training for teachers and coaches. The aim of this training is to provide important learning tools for a successful introduction of FooBaSKILL in your school or club.

For beginners it’s all about getting familiar with the game. Methodical approaches are explained in order to promote an optimal participation of the students and athletes in this activity. People who already know FooBaSKILL will learn strategies to make the game optimal in every respect.

Which methods will be used to make FooBaSKILL attractive? How to adapt the rules according to the level of the class? How can you keep a large class busy in a meaningful way? These are some questions which will be answered.

The complete training takes about three hours. All you need is a simple gymnasium with basketball hoops. Balls, SKILLGoals and other material will be brought by the instructors.

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