• Le FooBaSKILL Set was designed for schools to perform all classes from FooSKILL, to BaSKILL and FooBaSKILL.
    • 10 Balls (Size 4 or 5)
    • SKILLBag (storage bag for 12 balls)
    • 2 SKILLGoals with belts
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Equipped with anti-slippery on feet
    • FooBaSKILL promotes coordination and motor skills
  • SKILLGoal

    The official FooBaSKILL Goal with 4 belts.
    • A multi-purpose goal
    • Ability to score from both directions
    • Quick mounting on vaulting box
    • Use in gymnasium (anti-slip under the feet) and on outdoor ground
    • Lightweight (aluminum)
    • Easy to store (removable feet)
    • 5 years warranty on the aluminium structure
    Free Download

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