SKILLTheBall Set


Contains 10 balls in their storage and transport bag

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SKILLTheBall is a crossover ball which is distinguished by its hybrid composition and its multiple use. Unique in its kind, this ball consists of a combination of 8 basketball panels (rough texture) and 12 football panels (smooth texture). By its use, it allows to bring together the basketball and the football in the same match. The materials, weight and size were rigorously chosen to allow optimum use in both sports and maximize the quality of the bounce in basketball and shots in soccer. The use of the SKILLTheBall allows to develop several motor skills and its design reflects this approach. The turquoise color symbolizes the sky, in reference to the basketball discipline, more aerial, and more centered on the upper body. Whereas the purple color recalls the earth and the work of the lower body of the football. Thanks to the high quality of the materials, SKILLTheBall can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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