The official FooBaSKILL Goal with 4 belts.

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In order to improve FooBaSKILL The Game, we have developed a goal adapted to the dynamics of this game. After testing several prototypes, the chosen goal is composed of a floating net allowing scoring from both sides. A worldwide patent is filed on this novelty. The SKILLGoal is an invention that arouses great interest among various Swiss football academies. In addition to its use for FooBaSKILL, the SKILLGoal is easy to carry and can lend itself to a more personalized and private use for example in the park or in the garden.

A multi-purpose goal
  • Ability to score from both directions
  • Quick mounting on vaulting box
  • Use in gymnasium (anti-slip under the feet) and on outdoor ground
  • Lightweight (aluminum)
  • Easy to store (removable feet)
  • 5 years warranty on the aluminium structure

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Waga3.5 kg
Wymiary98 × 5 × 58 cm